New Plan

Okay so Samantha and I sat down today to talk about life plans and what-not and how much a six month trip would really uproot our lives. I would lose my job with a six-month trip. With a two-month trip I can take unpaid personal leave and go and come back to my same job. This also allows me to keep the money my company has invested into my 401k and prevents me from having to pay back the tuition reimbursement they have paid for me to-date. Her lease is up in November. I’ll have Samantha and her husband move in with me at that time. He can live in my house alone in January and February and thus it will never sit empty and I won’t have to rehome my animals for a long period of time. This trip will also be a LOT easier to save up for! So, overall we think a two-month trip will bea win-win over a six-month trip. If we fall in love THAT much, we can always go back!!

New Plan is:


Dec 28 – Jan 5 – New Zealand Hobbit Tour

Jan 5- 7 – Jakarta, Indonesia for Samantha’s Family

Jan 8-10 – Bangkok, Thailand

Jan 10-23 – Cambodia for temples

Jan 24 – 26 – Bangkok, Thailand

Jan 26 – Feb 1 – Volunteering at Elephant Nature Park

Feb 2 – 10 – Thailand Islands and Beaches

Feb 11 – Full Moon Party

Feb 12 -13 – Bangkok, Thailand

Feb 14 – 20 – Phillippines for Chailsea’s Family

Feb 21 – 18 – Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan

After being gone this long we will return to the United States. Depending on flight costs and such at the time, we may attempt to route through Nepal and spend another few days there or head straight home.

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